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Hi guys! So I think that this post is well over due as I said I would do the giveaway at the start of this year and that I would do the Q&A about a month ago (sorry about that). However, I’m quite glad that I’ve left it this long as over the last couple of days you guys have been really active and have left me a lot of questions so I suppose that I had better answer them.

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Collective Haul | Beauty Blogger

Hi guys! So I’m sorry I missed last week but I did have a fairly busy weekend as it was ATypicalLife’s birthday and then I’ve had a busy week with my English speaking exam and school trips so I couldn’t really fit writing a blog post in. However, I’m here now writing and that’s all that really matters. So over the last month or so I seem to have accumulated (look at me using fancy words) quite a few things and I thought that I would show you them…

1. Superdrug coconut oil – I bought this because under my eyes have been really dry and sore recently and facial moisturisers have made them sting so I thought that I should get something that doesn’t have as many ingredients and chemicals. I’ve also heard a lot about coconut oil being useful for various things so I bought a tub from Superdrug. My scalp has also been really dry so I now put some of this on for 30 minutes before I wash my hair. – £2.49
2. Simple moisturiser – I don’t really have a lot to say about this but I’d nearly ran out of it so I thought I should purchase is again while it was on sale. I don’t really use it around my eyes at the moment because I use the coconut oil but this is the only moisturiser I’ve found that doesn’t make underneath my eyes even worse. – I think it was £1.99 on sale in Superdrug. 

3. MUA Amplify Statement lash mascara – So I’m trying to go cruelty free with my make up so when I ran out of my Benefit Roller Lash, I decided to get a cheap, cruelty free mascara and see how it was. Honestly, for £3 it’s really good and I’d even say that it’s better that the Benefit one. – £3.00

4. Garnier micellar cleansing water – I’ve not got a lot to say about this but I needed a new one so I got one. -£1.00

5. River Island black “slouchy” bag – I had wanted one of these bags for ages and I finally had enough money to justify me spending £32 on a bag and I’m very glad I did because I love it. -£32.00

6. Primark t-shirts – I say t-shirts because I now have 3 of these in white, pink and navy. They are quite basic t-shirts but they have a little bit of detailing on the collar and they are just really comfy so I’ve ended up with 3. -£2.50 but they got reduced to £1.00

7. Primark yellow cropped cami top – I needed a yellow top for sports day at my school so this one was cheap and cute. (I have now come back to finish this post and it makes me very sad that I only ended up wearing this top for an hour as sports day got cancelled:( ) -£2.50

8. Primark black t-shirt bra – I needed a new bra and this one was really comfy and very affordable so I’ll definitely be buying more. -£2.50

9. Primark black pants – I also desperately needed some new pants because most of mine seem to have gone missing and these were cheap and basic. -£3.00 for 3 

10. H&M Bardot striped top – I got this because I had a wedding party that I was supposed to be attending on the night of the day that we went shopping so I was quite frantically trying to find a nice top to wear with jeans and H&M came to my rescue. -£12.99

So the next couple of things were bought very kindly by my Nana so I’m very greatful and lucky to have them. 

11. Primark purple cropped jumper – This is super cosy and it’s a gorgeous colour so I think I will be wearing it a lot, especially with this awful weather that we’ve had when it’s supposed to be summer. -£5.00

12. Pascal teddy – So of course I had to go in the Disney store whilst I was on holiday because there isn’t one were I live anymore and I absolutely love Pascal from Tangled because he’s just so adorable so now I have my own. -£7.99

13. Moana DVD – I’d got in the line for paying and I saw all of the shiny DVDs and at first I wasn’t going to get it but then I saw that they had Moana which I hadn’t seen (I have now about 5 million times) so I just knew that I had to get it. -£6.99

I’d also got a present for someone but I haven’t given it to them yet so I can’t put it in as they will probably be reading this ;))

14. White leather Converse – I am very excited about these as my old Converse were looking a bit past their best and little bit yellow because they were very stained but hopefully with these ones I can keep them clean as they are leather. – £55.00

15. Jack Wills Lingham Skinny Joggers – So I’ve wanted some Jack Wills joggers for the longest time so I popped into the Jack Wills store and I just thought that I’d try them on (the changing rooms there are so posh, like it’s an actual bedroom) and I fell in love. -£42.95

So that is my very large collective haul and I’m so grateful for everything my nana bought me. 

You are beautiful and you always will be!

BeautBlogger xo

Haul | BeautyBlogger

Hi guys! So, last week I went shopping with ATypicalLife to buy some things that we wanted to buy with the money that we kindly received for Christmas. It was a very successful day of shopping and I think that she’ll agree. Emma (ATypicalLife) is also doing a haul so go and check out her post because she got some really good things. I honestly love everything that I got and I don’t regret buying any of the things that I bought. So let me share with you everything that I bought.

I will also try to link as many things as possible for you.

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New Years Resolutions | BeautyBlogger

Hi guys! So another year has flown by, how has that happened? However, it has been a very eventful year and quite a lot of people are ready to leave it in the past for good and so am I but a quite a few good things also happened in 2016 so I’m going to make sure that I don’t forget about the whole of 2016. 2016 also took many of our favourite celebrities which is very sad and they will all love be on in our memory. So anyway, enough talking about the past, let’s talk about the year ahead of us…and a new year means that everyone makes resolutions so I thought that I would talk you through mine, I’ve tried not to make them too crazy but I like to try and push myself a bit more and that leads me perfectly into my first resolution…

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Hi guys? So, oh my god, my little blog just hit 100 followers! How exciting is that! Thank you guy so much, to thank you all I’m going to do a little liking spree so watch out for me. This year has been finished off quite nicely and I’m so excited to see what the new year brings to this blog. 

Also, as promised, there will be a giveaway very soon so make sure you stick around to see that. So, I’ll see you all in the new year. 

Thank you all so much, you guys are crazy!

You are beautiful and you always will be!

BeautyBlogger xo